Levels of the Common European Framework  A1  A2   B1   B2  C1 C2
Intercultural Academy LevelsA1.1A1.2A2.1A2.2A2.3B1.1B1.2B1.3B2.1B2.2B2.3Not available
Not available
Duration in hours of study6060606060606060606060
  • The progress may vary according to the dedication and work of the student.
  • Upon completion of a level (B1 or B2 only), you can get a certificate.
  • Preparation for official exams like SIELE (UNAM).


A1AvailableSpanish course for beginners.
Course code
Ages15 +
Payment10 USD per hour
ScheduleTo agree with the student according to level.
Duration30-hour package.
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